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Thu May 3 11:47:34 EDT 2012

hey wonderful bros,

It's 8 days til Relay so start getting pumped! However, on that note... *we
only have 98 people on our team. *That being said, we should really have
somewhere in the ballpark of 220 people on the site. (ASSOCIATES- YOU STILL

If you need help signing up online, be sure to talk to one of us. Also, the
directions are listed below. Thanks!!

Step 1: go to http://www.relayforlife.org/

Step 2: type in our zipcode (45701) in the find an event box

Step 3: Click the first option for Ohio University’s Relay

Step 4: On the right hand sign click the SIGN UP button

Step 5: Click *JOIN A TEAM*

Step 6:* Search for a team* using our team name *ALPHA PHI OMEGA*

Step 7: Click the only option (*Sara Beyoglides will be the team captain*)

            -make sure you click all the way to the far right the little
button that says *join *– don’t

click alpha phi omega

Step 8: Choose the option: *Pay Commitment Fee by Cash or Check *(Our
collective fundraising will take care of this)

Step 9: Feel free to make a donation but if not select not at this time

Step 10: Click Next Step

Step 11: Click New Participant (Unless you have done this before AND
remember your information)

Step 12: From this point continue to fill out your information and when
you’re finished you’ll be on our team!

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Relay for Life Co-Chairs

Jennifer Branch
jb177109 at ohio.edu

Sara Beyoglides
sb332609 at ohio.edu
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