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Hey guys,

I haven't been able to be at chapter this quarter so I wanted to send out an email about Give Kids the World.

GKTW is a village where families can stay when they are down in Florida with the Make A Wish Foundation. It is so unique because the entire family can come on the vacation and the entire trip is cost free. Inside the village there are 170+ villas for the families, 2 pools, a merry-go-round, multiple places for the families to eat and many other things. The families get their trip to Orlando paid for and stay and eat in the village without paying a dollar, additionally they get free tickets to all the amusement parks in the area (Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea Wolrd).

When we are volunteering we basically just help the village run. Volunteer shifts can be anything from serving ice cream to kids, helping in the arcade, working with pony rides and so many other fun activities. We generally volunteer from 8am-1pm and 5pm-10pm each day and have our evenings off. We stay at a place called Oak Plantation Resort which has really nice villas which we usually have 8 people in each.

We carpool down to Florida and the drive is about 15 hours long which we usually drive through the night. People volunteer to drive their cars down but everybody takes turns actually driving. As long as we have enough people to drive the trip will be $200. The dates of the trip will be March 17(Saturday)-25(Sunday). We will leave sometime the night of the 17, volunteer the 19-24 and get back to athens the morning of the 25.

There is room for 30 people on this trip so it is going to be first come first serve. If you have any more questions about the trip then just email me. If you for sure want to come on the trip over spring break then email me back and I will put your name on the list. I will have somebody at chapter next Sunday with a sign up sheet too. I will need to collect the first $50 of the money at chapter on Feb 5.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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