[Aphio-L] Basketball!

Gebhardt, Marissa mg172009 at ohio.edu
Sun Jan 15 16:15:26 EST 2012

Hey bros,

So IM basketball doesn't start for our team until NEXT Monday (January 23) at 6:30pm.  Which means that everyone has an extra week to sign up on imleagues! ;)  But seriously, I think we have 2 guys and 3 girls on the team so far (which is enough to play), but we don't have any subs. :(  Soooo I would really encourage anyone that can/enjoys playing basketball to sign up to come play.  It's a lot of fun, so I hope you sign up!...unless you're Erika Ratner and stink at sports. (kidding, but seriously...)  I hope you're enjoying your long MLK weekend!

Marissa Gebhardt
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