[Aphio-L] 5k updates and more!

5k Chairs 5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 00:42:46 EST 2012

Hey Bros,

We just wanted to inform everyone that we will be adding events on the
website on Friday, so if you have not gotten your 1 outside hour yet please
make sure to sign up. In the next few weeks we will also be adding more
random events so keep an eye out for those. All our events are listed under
"other events" on the website just fyi. If you have already gotten an
outside hour please let other people sign up first. All the sign-ins from
letter writing parties, tabling, and other stuff will be up by Sunday. We
will have letter writing parties after chapter for the next 2 weeks as
well. Just a reminder, everyone is required to receive 2 5k hours (1 being
an outside hour and 1 attending the 5k). We hope you are as excited about
the 5k as we are (only 2 weeks left)!

*For those who tabled last week we were informed that one of you has the
poster and registration forms so if you are that person please text one of

**Also, we are attaching the donation letter to this e-mail, so if you
want to e-mail it out to all your family and friends that would be awesome
(no hour for this, just being nice and helping out ATCO).

In LFS & ATCO Love,

5k Co-Chairs
Alpha Phi Omega

Jackie Walsh
jw298807 at gmail.com

Monica Ruscher
mr254007 at ohio.edu

5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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