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Wed Apr 18 17:33:11 EDT 2012

Hey Bros,
Hope your week is going well.  A couple of updates, we aren't able to take
anymore money for the DTF tanks - the planning committee might be selling
some after the order but the preorders are finished.
Grilled Cheesing is on the website for Thursday we still need people to
work it from 1am- 3am so please sign up! also there are still a couple of
donation spots left so go go go. Make sure you're only signing up for
things that other bros haven't already signed up for (Right now that means
bread or a sign)

And Lastly,
these are the directions on how to sign up on the website!! We need
everyone signed up and if we get everyone signed up before May 1st I will
make it raiiinnnnn candy at chapter.

Step 1: go to http://www.relayforlife.org/

Step 2: type in our zipcode (45701) in the find an event box

Step 3: Click the first option for Ohio University’s Relay

Step 4: On the right hand sign click the SIGN UP button

Step 5: Click JOIN A TEAM

Step 6: Search for a team using our team name ALPHA PHI OMEGA

Step 7: Click the only option (Sara Beyoglides will be the team captain)

            -make sure you click all the way to the far right the little
button that says join – don’t

click alpha phi omega

Step 8: Choose the option: Pay Commitment Fee by Cash or Check (Our
collective fundraising will take care of this)

Step 9: Feel free to make a donation but if not select not at this time

Step 10: Click Next Step

Step 11: Click New Participant (Unless you have done this before AND
remember your information)

Step 12: From this point continue to fill out your information and when
you’re finished you’ll be on our team!

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Relay for Life Co-Chairs

Jennifer Branch
jb177109 at ohio.edu

Sara Beyoglides
sb332609 at ohio.edu

Lauren Elliot
le275808 at ohio.edu
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