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Chapter Minutes


Guest Speakers!

   - Red Cross- Service opportunity, this Thursday 1-7pm Blood Drive in
   Baker 5th floor, bring i.d., need to be in general good health, girls need
   to be over 110 lbs, search ohio red cross on twitter! Youtube video:
   Madeline Red Cross, you can donate every 56 days!
   - Cystic Fibrosis Events-
      - Race for a Reason, April 28th 5K run, Mud Run, Triathlon
      - Saturday October 20 Run like Hell, costume run at night, after
      party at Casa, 90% of all the money goes to the cause
   - Tom Starr- Miracles for Life, Run for a Reason 5K Penden Stadium
   Saturday April 28th. Goal $25,000 sends 10 kids to camp 5 days, 4 nights,
   Prizes $300 to team or individual who raises the most $$$, $200 to team or
   individual who creates most effective youtube, facebook or twitter and
   more! Natalie Zelich is helping find runners please help her out! Run or
   donate, contact Natalie with any questions
   - Alzheimer's Health Association- First OU event! Flag football! Moms
   weekend looking for cheerleaders (boys) and players (girls)
   - Jacob Chaffin- Rally and March Against the proposed tuition increase,
   OHStudentPower jbtchaffin at gmail.com, Wednesday April 18 at 4pm West
   Portico of MemAud (college green) to stop the raise of tuition
   - Gaby- Voting, have to reregister every time you change your address!
   Gets contact info to remind you to change your voting info


   - Execs tomorrow at 10pm in Walter 235
   - Office Hours Wednesday 2-3 Baker room 312, you can come to either of
   these to make up for 1 missed mandatory event (chapter, initiation, other
   - Call me, text me, email me, I’m lonely
   - Everyone update your profiles on the website, se sure to at least add
   a picture, your email and your phone number!


   - Financial Aid! Get forms in! Email us and let us know if you need the
   application sent to you, all applicants will be kept anonymous
   - Question of the week- Do you have any fundraiser ideas for relay?
   - Elections- Fundraising (1): Paige Formanek    Voted yes!


   - Send us grades by the end of the week
   - Check your standing on the website and make sure it is correct. E-mail
   us if it is not right and we will change it.


- $35 next week!


   - UMC Childcare- Wednesday 5-7
   - Athens Beautification Day- Register at athensbday.eventbrite.com
   - Arts West Clothing Donations- Back on the website! You can still donate
   - Ice Cream Social at Beacon- Need help selling sundaes, playing with
   kids, cleaning up, ect. Friday 5-8
   - Canoe Litter Pick Up- Saturday April 28 8am
   - Interested in ABH- Training Dates: Monday and Thursday evenings 5-7 at
   ABH, if you go and get trained, let us know so we can give you some hours.
   - Car Wash to Raise Money for Beacon- May 5th 11-2, help kids from
   Beacon school wash cars and raise money for preschool graduation
   - Rural Action: Adventure Action- Shifts to set up, work the event, and
   clean up
   - Walk MS is coming up! This Saturday 10am sign up on the website and
   - On April 26, please donate baked goods for Memberships Big/Little
   event, sign up online.
   - Reminder: Service events lock 24 hours prior to the event
   - E-mail service account please not our personal emails
   - TURN IN those sign ins! We do not attend every event
   - GKTW people- Even if you are interested in going, meet after chapter
   really quick down in front, first payment ($50) due next week
   - Electing chair at the end of this quarter for Faculty Pageant, if you
   are interested talk to Eric Horton.


   - Big/Little Appreciation day! April 26 Baker Room 512, donate baked
   goods for a service hour! Come do some artsy stuff for your Big of Little!
   Natalie Zelich says... Cup my balls.
   - Pledge Class Video-
   - Send us your info for the Binders! binders.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com,
   picture, name, major, email, hometown, year and birthday
   - Membership Picnic! May 20, vote on food....Kisers it is!


   - Field Day (aka Color Wars)- activities, fun, competition, food.
   - Membership Picnic/Spring Fling
   - Upcoming Fellowship- Wing Night, Thursday April 19, Easter Egg Hunt,
   Wednesday April 25, College Green 5-6, Field Day! May 6 12:30-4, Membership
   Picnic/Spring Fling
   - APO Gear- APhiO Crest V-neck (currently $17) price can be dropped to
   $15 if we get 45 people of to $14 if we get 54 people
   - APhiO Jersey (currently $13) price can be dropped to $12 if we get 75
   people or $11 if we get 100 people
   - Tonight we will be collecting money for both shirts (Make sure you are
   signing up and paying for the right one!)
   - Collecting Money TImes (This Week)- Monday 1-3, Tuesday 2-6, Wednesday
   4-8, Thursday 12-4, All times in Baker 1st floor, Victoria will be there
   - Family Heads- Families that still don’t have family heads: Eta,
   Lambda, Kappa, Beta, Omicron, Pi. Family heads see us after chapter
   - Fellowship committee meeting tomorrow 9pm walter


   - Why I Relay? (Eric Horton)
   - If you’re interested in doing a why you relay email the relay account!
   - DTF Tanks- Order at the front of the room after chapter, need $10,
   feel free to wear to fests
   - Can also buy DTF Tanks at one of these times from the Ohio
   University’s Relay for Life Planning Committee
      - Monday, April 16, Top of Baker, 12-4
      - Tuesday, April 24, College Gate, 11-4
      - Monday, April 30, Top of Baker, 11-4
      - Tuesday, May 8, Top of Baker, 11-4
      - Thursday, May 10, College Gate, 11-4
   - Purple Haired Execs
   - Sign up for our team online- www.relayforlife.org We’ll send out
   detailed instructions after chapter, please do this as soon as possible!
   - Letter Writing and Luminary Sales After chapter
   - Important upcoming dates-
      - April 21- High Fest Grilled Cheese Sale
      - April 28- Luminaria Sales Start
      - May 5 (Mom’s Weekend)- Chippendales
      - May 6-May 11- Paint the Town Purple
      - May 11-12- Relay
   - Chippendales- Manly men sign up on the website!
   - See us after chapter please! Abby Feldenkris, Justin Brown, Karyn
   Pendegast, Rachel Littlehale, Brianna Kozar, Marc Robisch, Lauren Parker,
   Sara Bergman


   - Red Brick Fundraising! April 26th 5-8
   - Reset & Recycle needs 1 person May 10th
   - Sunglasses will be here in 2 weeks, pay when you get them.


   - Committee meeting this week Wednesday April 18th 7pm bottom of Baker
   by the pool tables
   - We will be making sign and talking to each of the committees
   individually again
   - We will send out a reminder email on wednesday morning (forgot about
   that last week sorry!)
   - GKTW ribbons we will be selling at chapter $1.00, they will be red and
   white the colors of GKTW foundation and the proceeds will go to the 5K
   benefiting GKTW

Youth Service

   - Kids Fest 4/21- still need more people for 12-2:30 shift
   - West Elementary Carnival 5/11- Three different shifts from 5-9:30,
   sign ups are now online
   - Box Tops Next Week!

Service Week


   - Please add me as a friend on facebook- this is the only way I can tag
   you in AphiO’s pictures
   - Senior Send Off- Only a couple of weeks away, i’ll start recording
   videos in a few weeks, until then make sure you’re writing them notes!
   - Committee Meeting- Tuesday 5:30 in Front Room


- Contact me with any questions about Nationals!


   - Brother of the week! Carly Finton!
   - Contact me for Press Release help!


   - Mark your calendar for the aphio Awards Banquet where we will be
   honoring our senior brothers May 16th
   - Senior superlative voting will take place next week
   - Happy Birthday Patricia Koehl, Nicole Yozwiak, and Jennifer Barstow!
   - Happy Can, Supportive Bro- goes to Jamie Roberts!
   - Announcements
   - Toast Song

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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*5k:* 5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Awards:* awards.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Fellowship:* fellowship.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Fundraising:* fundraising.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Historian:* historian.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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*J-Board:* jboard.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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*Relay for Life: *relay4life.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Rush:* rush.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Service:* service.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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*Youth Service: *youthservice.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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