[Aphio-L] HELP! Calliope Childcare Watch

Hannah Christmann christmannhe at msn.com
Mon Apr 9 06:47:56 EDT 2012

 Hey bros, 
I signed up for Calliope Childcare Watch awhile ago, but I've just woken up very sick and I'm going to need to get tested for strep throat today. I could technically still probably go tonight, but I don't think I should be risking getting the children sick. 
If anyone could PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take over for me today, that would be AMAZING. It's from 5:40-8:15 at the Lutheran Church. (next to the DZ house on Mill Street) 
I don't really know how to work the whole having someone replace you thing, so I guess if you are interested, shoot me a text! 513-675-7526
Thank you! -Hannah Christmann
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