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Hey guys!  Today at 6pm the sign up's for sweatshirts will lock. If you are
not on this list at that time, you will not be able to get an awesome
sweatshirt! If you are on the list then you are committed to buying one :)
Later today we will be sending out another email (sorry) about the final
price and when we will be around campus to collect money. These should be
under $20 so don't panic. We have to have all the money collected by Sunday
at chapter at the latest. On another note, we have contacted skyzone!!! The
lady was extremely helpful in trying to accommodate those of us who have
signed up. We have two options. First: they could have us on a Thursday
night after hours and because we are a non-profit organization the price
would be $6 per person. However we have to have more than 30 people to do
this. Right now there are 38 people who have agreed to go. But because it is
after hours we have have as many people as we want! So the sign ups would
open back up and the new pledges (whoop whoop) would be able to go! Keep in
mind that skyzone is over an Hour and 30 min away, so we would not be
getting back til lateeeee. Second option: We could go Sunday Oct 23rd at 4,
the price would be $13.50 a person.  However because it is during hours and
they have other stuff going on, we can not have a group larger than 30 so 8
people would need to drop :( On the website we have put a sign up on Oct
2nd  for skyzone date preferance. Right now we only want those 38 bros who
have signed up previously to give which day they would prefer, the majority
wins. If the majority want it on the Thursday then we will open it up to
everyone again so that we can reach that magic number of 30!
TRUCK!! :( Guys please please please we are begging you, the application for
our float is due tomorrow and we cant turn it in if we don't have a spot
listed as our building site, Which means we wont have a float in the
parade... This years theme is Beyond the Bricks which means what does Athens
mean to us. So we are showcasing all the great things that Aphio does for
the Athens community and beyond.. ATCO, Relay, NOLA, GKTW, ect. We only need
one or two parking spots to build for 5 days. We would greatly appreciate a
bro stepping up and I'm sure all of you would like to show our aphio pride
in the parade on Oct. 15th. Text, email, call, Facebook, Tweet, Tumble,
scream at us in the street for all we care if you can volunteer your
driveway or parking spot/spots. We apologize for the long email but this is
better than 3 seperate ones lol. Hope your all having a great week!


*Liza Lieberman*
*ll311408 at ohio.edu* <ll311408 at ohio.edu>

*Cody Romani *
*cr137309 at ohio.edu*


*VP of Fellowship*
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