[Aphio-L] Activation/Initiation

Brink, Elizabeth eb134807 at ohio.edu
Thu Sep 22 13:08:37 EDT 2011

Hey bros!

We got an email from the anonymous account that was upset about us using "activation" to refer to tonight, and "initiation" to refer to what we're doing November 14th. Just because for every email we get there's about 10 with the same question who just don't ask, I thought I'd clarify!

The Delta Gamma chapter has been doing their ceremonies backward for quite some time now. We're used to initiating our pledges, then activating them when they finish their requirements. I know this makes sense when it comes to language, but nationally, our organization does it the other way. This year, we are jumping on board and doing it the correct way. We're activating these people as pledges, and then we initiate them as active brothers into the fraternity. I know it's a minor change, but it's confusing! This was brought up in chapter, but some people may have missed it!

See you all tonight at activation!

Beth Brink

Senior Resident Assistant - Bryan Hall
Department of Residential Housing
Ohio University

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma Chapter
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