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-Welcome back!!!!!!


-Round tables will resume next week

- Topic= election reform

-Office hours will be hopefully sometime this week



---------------Electing *RELAY* next SUNDAY-------------

-good to start now

-talk to coporate to help with donations

-allows more time to plan

-spring quarter its lots of work

-has to go to ou realy planning committee

-luminaries COMEPLETELY our job

-moms weekend and t-shirts

-good work/ *NEED TO BE ORGANIZED*



-Financial Aid Applications available! Contact us to get one! This is a
completely anonymous process, and they are due *Wednesday the 21st!*

-We worked hard to earn our letters, so make sure you aren't letting friends
wear them! Once a brother, always a brother, but people who were never in
Alpha Phi Omega should not be wearing our letters. Encourage them to rush if
they want them!!

-Question of the week =

- Because Service Week is November 6th-12th and Regionals are the 11th-13th,
activation of our new pledges will most likely have to be either November
14th (the last day of classes) or 15th (reading day).

                -Which would you prefer? Do you have any other suggestions?


-APO spirit week! *wear all your APhiO gear (especially on Monday &

-INFORMAL  Monday September 12 8-9pm Baker Ballroom

                -Group Talk

                -Assigned Seating

                -Talk to the potentials about any questions they may have.

                -Please be willing to sit with new people so this goes

- FORMAL Wednesday SEPT 14 8-9pm Baker Ballroom

-Speed Dating!!!!!

                -Paper for info from last meeting

                -You will be supplied a list of questions to ask.

                -Undercover interviews will be going on so you will be
supplied a piece of paper so they can "blend in"

                -Be willing to share things about yourself also! This is
meant to be an icebreaker!

                -You will also be supplied a notecard to write down anyone
you click with, as a potential little.

                                -**DOESN’T PROMISE THAT LITTLE**

                                -Winter rush cant have little

                                -Application at end of chapter or with

                                -70 bigs needed

                -Frosh rush in winter


*My version of rush will go extremely well but I need participation and
involvement from the actives!!!!!!


*-Bid Day    *encouraged to come**

    -Sunday, Sept. 18

    -6 pm

    -Walter 135

*-Activation  **MADNITORY***

*    -*Thursday, Sept. 22

    -7 pm

    -Walter 135

-Family event afterward!

-*Big/Little Night    *encouraged (especially if you have little)*

    -Thursday, Sept. 29

    -Time and Location TBA

*-History Night  **MANDITORY***

    -Sunday, Oct. 30

    -7 pm

    -Walter 135

*-Initiation  **MANDITORY***

    -Monday, Nov. 14 or Tues, 15

    -Time and Location TBA

-*Family heads*

*    -See us after chapter!!*

*    *-Fall Quarter requirements:

-Plan 5 family events (more encouraged!)

-Attend 3 Exec meetings each

-Remember your role as spokesperson/liaison for your families! Meet to
discuss concerns or problems and bring them to execs.

-These families need new family heads!

    -Epsilon, Iota (1)

    -Lambda, Pi, Rho, Sigma (2)


- New point system

-Actives’ Picture, Name, Major, Email, Hometown, Birthday already in Binder

-150 points required, earned by interviewing brothers

    -1 point for exec members

    -2 points for an active brother in your family

    -3 points for an active brother not in your family

    -5 points for advisors

-To help make the process less robotic

-Make process more free will who they want to ask

-Help to get to know each other

-Interviews should be approx. 20-30 minutes, written in Notes section of

-Cannot be done during Chapter, Pledge Meetings, Service Events, or History

*If you did not attend committee meeting find Jordin and Erica to set up


-Weeklies are Back!

-Be up on website after chapter

    -*Monday*: Calliope Children Watch, Monday Lunch

    -*Tuesdays*: *ATCO!* Rec night, Uno, Crafts!

    -*Wednesdays*: Passionworks Metal Cleaning! ATCO League Helpers! Hats
for Heads will be coming back soon.

    -*Thursday:* Passionworks Studio Volunteers

    -*Friday*: Kennedy Guard, Last Chance Corral!

-Interested in volunteering as a Guard at the Kennedy Museum?

-2-5 need to be trained THIS FRIDAY @ ridges        .

                    2.5 hours shifts from 12-5

                    Training Session: TBA

    -*Misc*: Ray of Hope! Athens Village.

    -Interested in *ABH?* Wed 3:30- 5, sign up on the website under "other
events" on 9/16! Up to 20 people..we need to       know by 9/16!

                -Training (tentatively) set for Wednesday, Sept 21 from
3-5ish (Waiting for confirmations)

    -*Habitat for Humanity: Cardboard City!* 9/24 Look out for more info!

    -*Paw Paw Festival*

-September 16-18th aka This Weekend @ Lake Snowden.

               - Must volunteer for *4 HOURS MIN. * (you get free admission
and t-shirt! and it’s fun!)

-Sign up by tomorrow! Have to drive to get there

-Sign up on THIS website : www.ohiopawpawfest.com

-Go to website, sign up under "volunteers"  and request your shift! Need to
drive to event, but OU might be     offering a shuttle.

-Must sign up online at paw paw website by *TODAY, MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12! *Then
EMAIL the service  account!

     -After 9/12, the lady will contact you with your shift! We will send on
an email with all info on Tuesday too!


-Bring your A-game to Service Events!

-  Be Happy! No Swearing/complaining, No Talking/texting on your phone..
service project coordinators notice and we hear about it! So don't do it.

-Bring us your sign -ins! At chapter works best. Unless you want to buy us
dinner and give it to us there! (Good idea)

-Give Us Some Time to Update the Website!

-Get Pumped for Service! It's what we do!

-If you want to *do*/continue ATCO bowling contact Steph/Sarah

     -If you have done ATCO in the pass, you have priority

*Quarter service project*


-Kickball tourney for cystic fibrosis

     -Nov 5 @ intramural fields

     -Need volunteers for teams, day of event, fundraising, registration
tables etc.

    -Help out Mackenzie ms185408 at ohio.edu


-Associated with Make A Wish Foundation

-Children with terminal illness get to stay with their families for free :

    -3 passes to Disney   2 passes to Universal

    -7days & 6 nights     1 pass to Sea

-Has the only wheel chair accessible carousel in the country

-What we do

    -Serve families ice cream

    -Serve meals


    -Gift giving


    -Kids Night Out (babysit kids)

*Over 5,000 volunteers!

*-Week 1: *December 3-10 (30 people) MEREDITH

*-Week 2:* December 18-22 (30 people)

*-About at 15 hour drive*

*-Cost: $200*

-includes accommodations and gas

-about $100 extra for food while down there

-need to know for sure by 3rd week


-Fellowship of week = Slice Night

    -Wednesday September 14

    -7-9pm Courtside Pizza

-Things to look forward to this quarter.....

    -Scavenger hunt

    -Homecoming float building  (woohooo!)

    -Homecoming Parade

    -Hiking /Camping

    -Sky Zone


-What is Sky Zone you may ask??? TRAMPOLINE WORLD

*-Regular Pricing:* $12 per person, per hour (price includes required Sky
Zone shoe rental; please remember to  bring/wear socks)

*-Special Weekday Savings:* During the school year on non holidays, Sky Zone
offers special reduced pricing of $8 per   person, per hour, Tuesdays
through Thursdays. Not applicable during holidays, including Christmas and
March Breaks (call 740-548-4004 if you have questions about pricing).

*    -Sign up on website to see how many people would be willing to go and
then price out and find date*

-Capacity is limited; reservations available for groups of 10 or more.

*Committee members look out for an email about our first meeting!!


*-ASSOCIATE STATUS:* According to our constitution, you need to be an active
brother for 3 quarters before you can go associate.  With that being said,
only those who pledged Winter 2009 and Winter 2010 may go associate this

*You must *email *us about going associate *before* *week* *FOUR*.*


Meredith Woods

Sakinah Abdul-Karim

John Bales

Susan Breitenbach

Sarah Camloh

Hannah Christmann

Ali Colliatie

Tyra English

Julie Forman

Marissa Gebhardt

Leah Grinnell

Allison Hartman

Joe Hurless

Laura Kim

Zach Lacure

Meg Maroscher

Sara McElroy

Kelly Meehan

Ashley Mullins

Eva Raymond

Kurt Ryba

Andrew Sabio

Hannah Southern

Patrick Van Horn

Mary Wise


-Still getting in the swing of things! Stop and say heyyyy

                -Rachel Levine : 937.286.6567

                -Andrea Korman : 330.618.7980

-*BOX TOPS!!!*

*    -*10 for an hour

    -Turn them in at chapter next week!

    -*Committee members*, expect an email super soon!!!

    -We have some *new service projects* in the works, so be on the
lookout--they're sweet.

    -More info next week



    -Contact  Sariya or Allison for tickets

    -Date: Monday, September 12, 2011 Time: 5-8 p.m.

    -10% of the sales during this period will go to our fraternity. You will
receive one fundraising hour for making a     purchase- alcohol sales are
not included.

-Come see Allison or Sariya after chapter for your ticket, and don't forget
to sign up on the website!

    -Tomorrow we will be adding another fundraising event that will take
place later this week.

    -Keep an eye on the website and your email so that you can either sign
up to work or donate items!

***Don't forget, you must complete at least one fundraising hour each
quarter. This counts as one of your 12 required service hours. Don't wait -
get yours done early! *


-Spring newsletter is here!

    -thanks to committee members who helped!

-Can write up a press release if a bro wants it for a newspaper at home or
here (press release for before or after event)


Happy birthday to =

                Tori Carras – September 11

                Leslie Godec – Tuesday September 13

                Katie Lathrop – Friday September 16

                Ally Kovach – Saturday September 17





*    -Where?* University of Kentucky

*    -When?* 11/11/11 *make a wish!** *

*    -Why?* It's *your duty as a brother to go to conferences*! You get to
meet so many great people from Region V, bond   with your bros, take away
insight to help our chapter

    -Go to the conference website and click on registration form - I'll send
the link in an email *You must register by no    later than October


    -Estimated costs =

-Hotel - around $60/70 per person

-Registration fee - $40

    -You'll need some money for food and if you want a t-shirt (not included
in registration) and the way to travel is still up in the air, but keep gas
costs in mind

*    -FUNdraising is helping out!*

-75% of the revenue we take in through fundraising will be going toward
sending brothers to regionals!

-AND - a scholarship fund will match this amount. *SO LET'S SIGN UP FOR LOTS

-Remember, conferences are SUPER fun and it's your duty to go!

-Invite/rsvp on facebook!


-Monica & Jackie

-Sponsoring ATCO !!

-Sat March 3

-Wed committee meeting email will be sent out


-Lauren & Katie

-Nov 6-12

-Looking for more workshops & events

    -Need some ideas!!!

    -Or if you are skilled HELP OUT

    -Meetings before chapter on 201 (tentatively)


*SUPPORTIVE BRO* = Kayleigh Bednarski helped with GKTW this summer


Brianna "I've got the moves like.." McTaggart
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


*5k:* 5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Awards:* awards.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Fellowship:* fellowship.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Fundraising:* fundraising.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Historian:* historian.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
interchapter.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<Interchapterrelations.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com>
*J-Board:* jboard.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Membership:* membership.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Ombudsmen:* ombudsmen.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*President:* president.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Public Relations: *pr.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Relay for Life: *relay4life.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Rush:* rush.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Service:* service.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Treasurer:* treasurer.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Youth Service: *youthservice.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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