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Sun Oct 23 22:19:03 EDT 2011

Hey everybody! I know there were a few concerns as to why I was at chapter
tonight, so I thought I'd explain myself.

I requested to be in the room with all of you because I felt that it would
be more beneficial for me to hear all of your comments, criticism and
concerns first hand. As a brother that has considered dropping on a pretty
consistent basis, I wanted to see how many of you felt the same things I did
and honestly I thought that it would inspire me to make APO as awesome as I
know it can be.

It was inspiring, and I'm glad I was able to attend. Just seeing how many
people truly want this organization to be amazing was reassuring, and I'm so
happy to call you all my bros!

If the fact that I was in the room bothered anyone, I apologize. It was not
my intention to make the open forum less effective. If you have anything to
share that you felt you couldn't because I was there, please email the
ombudsmen--all of your comments are extremely important and deserve to be
heard. Of course, if you feel comfortable enough to voice your concerns
directly with me, I welcome that also.

Thanks for understanding and speaking up tonight!


Melissa Pennington
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