[Aphio-L] Family Change Wars!!

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Sun Oct 16 13:20:02 EDT 2011

Hey bros!

I hope homecoming was great for everyone :) However, it is time to get in
the giving mood, Tis the Season! Our Santa Tree Family needs our help and as
a chapter we want to give them the best Christmas they could ever ask for!
So in order to do that we are going to start a little family
competition...FAMILY CHANGE WARS!! For those of you who do not know how
change wars works it goes a little like this... Pennies are key! Any penny
that goes into your family jar counts, any silver put into your jar goes
against you! So the more silver in your jar the more pennies you need to
balance it out. AKA: Bring all the change in the world that you can find,
put the pennies in your jar and the silver in other families to go against
them! Family wars are going to continue until the end of the quarter so

There will be an assortment of jars with each families name on them for you
to put change in either before or after chapter! The winning family will be
granted an awesome prize that we will announce not this chapter but next! :)

Andrea Korman and Rachel Levine

Youth Service
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter
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