[Aphio-L] IMPORTANT Kickball Tournament Info

Snyder, Mackenzie ms185408 at ohio.edu
Wed Nov 2 12:39:12 EDT 2011

Hey bros,

So I have some good and bad news.  I have had a lot of issues with getting t-shirts made for the tournament and with the few people interested, the t-shirts are going to be expensive.  I really do not want to have to take too much out of the registration fee for the t-shirts because the ultimate goal is to raise as much as I can for the CF Foundation.  So, I have decided that we will not be getting t-shirts for this event.  I really hope this does not disappoint too many people but please help me spread the word.  To compensate for no t-shirts, the new registration fee will be $10.  I really hope this encourages more people to register! A lot of the feedback I have gotten was that the event was too expensive, so maybe this will help!  For those of you who have already paid, please contact me and I will meet with you to give you your $5 back.. There was only a few people so this won't be a problem at all.  If you have any questions at all feel free to e-mail, call, or text me.

Lastly, if you do not want to play in the tournament there is still a lot of service available on the day of to help out!  Everything is on the website so please sign up!

Thanks everyone for your support, it has honestly been the hardest thing I have ever done, but I could not have done any of this without my bros!

MacKenzie Snyder
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