[Aphio-L] Cooking a Turkey

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Tue Nov 1 22:13:19 EDT 2011

Hey Bros!

We are planning on having 8 turkeys due to everyone signing up. We have 7
people offering to cook and Sarah offering up her house to a bro who is
willing to cook! That means we still need at least one other person to cook
a Turkey.

***IMPORTANT! Everyone who volunteered to cook one, we will be dropping
Turkey's off to everyone on Sunday because I (Erika) live in a dorm (D=)
and sadly cannot fit 8 turkeys in my little tiny thing they call a fridge!
If you have questions/comments/concerns, call us!!!



Jordin Shannon
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership

Erika Ratner
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership
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