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Sun May 29 20:45:14 EDT 2011

Hey Bros!

Weeklies are up!  The Warrior Dash is also up, there are 4 different shifts,
2 each day of next weekend.  OSU's chapter of aphio contacted us about
helping them reach the goal of 25 volunteers to receive the donation, which
they plan to use towards a project they are working on in November.  If we
have enough volunteers for our own chapter to have 25 people, then we can
create our own volunteer team.  If not, we'll have our bros(you guys!) join
OSU's volunteer team, and maybe we'll even have enough volunteers to help
OSU and have our own team!  Contact us if you have any
questions/comments/concerns!  Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

Sarah and Steph

Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Sarah Csongei

Stephanie Bricklebank

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