[Aphio-L] Last email about senior goodbye messages -- promise!

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Tue May 24 22:57:46 EDT 2011

Hey everyone! Sorry for all the emails, I just really want to make sure
there are enough times that people can all find a minute or two to come
record a message!

*Brenna Kowall,* who is a super awesome member of my committee, is going to
be in the *Honors Collegium in Baker tomorrow from 12 - 3 p.m*. This is the
second to last official opportunity to record your videos.

Unfortunately I am signed up to do service this Friday during the time I had
originally said I would be recording -- you can still come between 2:30 and
5, but I'll be at the Kennedy Museum at the Ridges. Otherwise, I'll be in
the* Honors Collegium from 12 - 1:30 p.m. Friday*.

If neither of these times work for you, *please just text or call me and we
can find a time to meet*. My number is 937.901.5807. Replying to this email
would be fine also; I check it pretty frequently!

Thanks! I know for sure that all the seniors are going to LOVE them.

Once again, here is the list of seniors.

1.     Alyssa Akers

2.     Kris Bader

3.     Britney Caronchi

4.     Katie Devlin

5.     Helaina Diaz

6.     Noelle Dobrowolski

7.     Colleen Dungey

8.     Erin Formanek

9.     Britney Gedeon

10. Grace Graham

11.  Katie Haney

12.  Christina Harris

13. Heather Harmasek

14. Cory Harrington

15. Laura Hopkins

16. Bryn Keck

17. Christina Kloha

18. Leigha Kristoff

19. Jen Lin

20. Amanda McKay

21. Andrew Morris

22. Katey Mueller

23. Rachel Munn

24. Jayna Pappas

25. Kristen Perry

26. Bailey Petry

27. Patty Roberts

28. Megan Roberts

29. Jan-Marie Ruminski

30. Blair Scanlon

31. Angela Schedler

32. Lauren Schmitz

33. Anna Schottenstein

34. Renee Schultheis

35. Gaby Swisher

36. Mike Teplitzky

37. Meghan Tinker

38. Becky Voress

39. Rebekah Whitley

Melissa Pennington
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