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Thu May 19 15:56:00 EDT 2011

sup my pups,

I don't know if yall heard the word, but there is a hotdog sale going on...
tomorrow... 10:30 p.m. - 2:30 a.m... Court St. in front of the court house.
This means close to les barres. This means seooooo many monies from the
drunkies who want a ween on the way home!

There are 20 spots that can be filled for this event... ONLY THREE HAVE BEEN
TAKEN. I know there are a number of you that still need your fundraising
hour for the quarter, so take this opportunity before you run out of time!
Refraining from one evening of drinking is not the end of the world, I
promise. In fact it can be tons of fun when you're spending it with your
fellow brrrithers!

Pretty pretty pretty please with ketchup & mustard on top, sign up...
otherwise we're going to have to cancel it and that make us way too sad.

Love you guys,
Bostonian & Sariya

p.s. - if you're thinking that these colors resemble a hotdog, you are most
certainly correct.

*Fundraising Co-Chairs*
Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Gamma
-Allison Hartman
ah199307 at ohio.edu
-Sariya Winters
sw195908 at ohio.edu
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