[Aphio-L] I saw cady heron wearing army pants and flip flops..

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Mon May 9 23:10:09 EDT 2011

so I bought army pants and flip flops.

Seriously though,

If any bros want to go to OSU (b/c only two signed up, wahhhh) *PLEASE LET
ME KNOW WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. *(that means by approx. 11:11 *make a
wish!* pm tomorrow night!)

I will get you signed up on the website if you let me know. We're sending
the two bros that signed up, but I figured many of you just forgot about the
lovely email I sent out earlier and just forgot to sign up! So I'm giving
you another chance :)

It will be lots of fun and it's 3 service hours. It's only an hour away so
gas will be super cheap! Think about it brosefssssssss.


Dani "one time she punched me in the face, it. was. AWESOME." Garfield
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