[Aphio-L] How we should arrange families

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How we should arrange families

Please fill out this survey even if you are going to attend the round table  
next week. This is just to try and get the opinions of everyone! Please  
come to the roundtable and talk about any concerns you may have.

How we should arrange families * Please choose the option that you feel  
would be best for the fraternity. If you have comments please contact  
myself, ombudsman, or membership and come to the round table

Split up only the larger families (2,6,9) into more even numbers. More than  
10 families!
Split up the larger families (2,6,9) and incorporate them into the smaller  
families (1,8) Same number of families!
Split up every family. Randomly generate everyone into new families and  
start fresh

Sample Question 2

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