[Aphio-L] are you gonna be here saturday?

Danielle Garfield danimarie.garfield at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 16:16:31 EDT 2011

If so (and you're not graduating) PLEASE consider helping me out!

I am selling flowers at graduation and I need 2 people to pleaseeeee help
out with it! It's kind of a long day..but you get to hang with me, AND
there's a chance we might get paid. (But if not, you still get to hang with
me..and who doesn't wanna spend their Saturday afternoon with me?)

Anyways, we would need to be at the convo around 6:45-7 am - you can nap all
day after that, b/c finals are over! - and then we would probably be there
until 2:30ish. We need to set up tents/tables to sell the flowers and then
basically sit there. Like literally, the arrangements are already set
up..your duties would consist of saying "Hi, what would you like?" *getting
the arrangement out of the box* *taking cash* "Have a nice day." and perhaps
smiling a little bit.

If you're interested please email me back! Just think what a good person
you'd be and how happy you would make me! (ha, that rhymed).

If you're gonna be here for the summer I would def. cook you dinner/clean
your bathroom/make you cookies/etc. if you help me! and if you won't be here
..well let's be honest, I probably won't come to you because gas is so
expensive..but next year, I'd hook ya up.

in LFS,

Dani "you know i'm desperate b/c i'm not signing my name with a mean girls
quote" Garfield

..just kidding, here's a mean girls quote: "If you're from Africa, why are
you white?" "Oh my god Karen, you can't just ask someone why they're white!"
(didn't want anyone to be sad b/c there was no quote)    :)
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