[Aphio-L] Athens Book Center Buyback

Lin, Ga-Jen gl218007 at ohio.edu
Mon Jun 6 17:01:21 EDT 2011

Hey bros!

Once again, I'm sending you another email about buyback! However this time it's different because it will be THE LAST ONE I DO!!!!! Yay! In case you've ignoring all my other emails about buyack, I work at the Athens Book Center, a small locally owned bookstore on 74 E.State Street (near the corner of Carpenter and Stimson) and right now you can email me (gl218007 at ohio.edu) your textbook ISBNs so then I can look it up on buyback for you without you having to cart around a ton of books and then finding out they're not worth anything. We often give more than other bookstores and we also try to take books that buyback isn't taking if we think we can sell them!

**NOTE** We do buyback all year around, but since I graduate after this quarter & will be leaving this job next week (which means a job opening in the fall HINT HINT), if you want to continue to send in ISBNs you will have to email the bookstore email at athensbookcenter at gmail.com.

So email me your ISBNs, help a bro do her job, and help out a small locally owned bookstore!!

Thanks and LFS,
Jen Lin
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