[Aphio-L] Furniture for Sale!!

Gabrielle Swisher gswisher1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 15:31:29 EDT 2011

Hello bros,
     If you didn't already figure it out from Senior Send-off, I'm
graduating.  I have some furniture for sale and thought I'd give you all
dibs first if you'd like it.

 I have:

Full sized bed: this bed is the most wonderful thing in all of Athens.
Truly.  It beats Casa Nueva, brick roads, and 2 AM life talks.  It is the
best reason to never get out of bed in the morning.  I am heartbroken to see
this beloved bed go, so to a good home only. Just kidding, kinda.  It also
comes with a bedstand thing-er so you don't have to be a janky college
student with your bed on the floor.  No offense to those who do that. I used
to. And then I got this wonderful bed. ANYWAYS. *$70*

Small (2 person) breakfast table & stools: *$30*

I also have tv dinner tables that I use as end tables, and a couple lamps
that I'll part with for *dirt cheap*.

I'm moving on the 13th so it all needs to be picked up by the 12th.

Happy week 10 and good luck with finals!


Gabrielle Swisher
Student Social Worker
Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare
(207) 837-0546
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