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John Anderson andyuu1970 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 09:35:57 EDT 2011

Dear Brothers of APO Delta Gamma:
Thank you for inviting me to the Awards Banquet and also thank you all for the 
recognition plaque and gift card.  Both the card and plaque were totally 
unexpected and are very much appreciated.
While I have not been able to personally attend chapter events or meetings these 
past few years, I have been able to somewhat follow the chapter activities and 
accomplishments through the various electronic media that we now enjoy.  Reading 
of these activities and accomplishments, along with the dedication and passion I 
see that go hand in hand with them, never ceases to amaze me.  Delta Gamma is 
doing great things in the areas of leadership, friendship and service.  It would 
be nigh unto impossible to speak of how many lives you have incredibly touched 
and how many great things have been achieved---all because of you.
H Roe Bartle once said (years and years ago) that to be brother in APO meant you 
had to “..have love in your heart…”  I can truly say that I witnessed an example 
of what Bartle was speaking to during the Awards Banquet.  The brotherhood that 
was being shared was awesome.  Thank you for sharing that experience.
Finally, I wanted to congratulate the brothers who put together the awards 
program.  It was very well done and very entertaining.  Congratulations also to 
all the award winners and special props to the seniors.  You have left your mark 
at OU and within the Delta Gamma chapter.  I am proud to call you brothers.
Thank you all again.  Have a great and safe summer.


John Anderson, Advisor (and Delta Gamma ’74)
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