[Aphio-L] If you're beautiful, please read!

Katie Devlin katie.r.devlin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 21:43:43 EST 2011

Hi bros,

First off, every single one of you should be reading this, because you all
are beautiful :)

This Thursday from 7-9 P.M. is the 2nd annual Mr. Empower Pageant. Think of
a Ms. America pageant, but with men! There are 3 different portions to the
contest: talent, "beachwear" and an interview. Last year the boys did
everything from singing to dancing to telling jokes. It's really not a huge
deal, and it can be goofy if you want. The winner of the pageant gets ONE
HUNDRED BUCKS to his chosen organization!

Sooooo out of all you good lookin' studz, who wants to rep APhiO? Mr. Zach
Lacure was originally going to rep the blue and gold, but due to a rugby
injury, he no longer can participate, so we need another manly man to
replace him! Maybe if more than one guys steps up, we could have someone rep
Hats for Heads too, and give that org. an opportunity to win $100 bucks too!

Also, we could all go watch the boy(s) participate and get some fellowship!

If you're interested, please please please let me know. I would really
appreciate it! feel free to either e-mail or call/text me:
katie.r.devlin at gmail.com or 513.373.1175

Katie Devlin

Katherine R. Devlin
Ohio University
Degree: Psychology
Minor: Social Work
katie.r.devlin at gmail.com
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