[Aphio-L] anybody a huge OSU fan?

melissa pennington mp215308 at ohio.edu
Wed Jan 26 15:43:24 EST 2011

IF SO...

I'm about to start doing a massive research project on college-aged OSU
fans. If any of you are one (meaning you go to several games per season) or
if you know anyone our age that is, I'd be so appreciative if I could
interview you at some point in the next few weeks to get better insight. It
wouldn't take up too much of your time (promise!) so *please please
please* email
or call me if you could help me out!

The project is to prepare an extensive consumer profile for my Advertising
Strategies class. Currently, my team just trying to define who the college
OSU fan is. In a few weeks, we will connect a brand or product to this
audience, so the more we know, the better! If you need more information, I'd
be happy to answer your questions!

Thanks so much,

Melissa Pennington
mp215308 at ohio.edu
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