[Aphio-L] Binders

Lin, Ga-Jen gl218007 at ohio.edu
Fri Jan 14 15:48:45 EST 2011

 Hey bros!

NEW ACTIVES: I checked the new active list and tried to match up your families so please check the word document and make sure that I have your family correct. Also please check to see if we have your name spelled correctly!

OLD ACTIVES: If I made any mistakes in spelling your name last quarter's binders (Sorry Justin!), please let us know so we can fix that as well!

If we need to make any changes please send an email to binderpictures11 at gmail.com. We want to get this done over the weekend so we can send them out before next Thursday's initiation so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that your pictures are in and your names are correct!!!

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