[Aphio-L] Send us your GRADESSSS! :)

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Sun Dec 4 16:44:05 EST 2011

Hey bros,
Hope you're all enjoying your break so far!  Since grades just came out,
we'll need EVERYONE (including new actives and members that were associate
this quarter) to send us your CUMMULATIVE GPA (we don't need your grades
for this quarter or individual grades for classes).  Not sending us your
grades by Week 4 results in *inactivation* (which would be seriously dumb
to be inactivated for).  The new website makes it a little bit more
difficult to find grades, but follow these steps, and it's a cinch!

1. Hit "reply" to this e-mail.
2. Open up a new tab, and go to my.ohio.edu
3. Sign in on the left
4. Click the "Academics" tab on the top of the page
5. Click "My OHIO Student Center" and sign in again (is two sign-ins
seriously necessary, OU??)
6. Click "Other Academics" under the academics menu and select "grades"
7. Change term to "Fall Quarter" and click continue
8. Highlight "Cummulative Total GPA _______"
10. CTRL+V in the e-mail reply to us.
11. SEND.
12. Enjoy the rest of your break, and eat too many cookies, watch too much
tv, do nothing, etc. Personal favorite holiday movie is Elf, if you were
looking for a suggestion.

Alpha Phi Omega
Judiciary Board
Sergeant at Arms
JD "Ohh...he's an angry elf!" Bales

Sarah "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" Clouse

Kristen "I love singing, singing's my favorite!" Mason
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