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Hi Bros!
We know you all are upset that you didn't see us tonight, so to help ease
your pain we have an email for you filled with good stuff. So sit back,
relax, and read on. (There just may be another chance to win a treat at the
end...hint, hint?)


1) Weeklies are up!

2) This week we're doing another Ray of Hope drive. (If you haven't caught
on yet, we do one about every 2 weeks). A nice added bonus as of this
quarter, they're accepting clothes. So, if you're feeling the need to get
yo' spring (almost summer) cleaning on and maybe clean out your closet (or
your roomie's-just check with them first)...ROH will gladly accept your old

Just remember, you only get 4 donation hours a quarter and if you sign up to
donate to ROH, you *need* to have your donation dropped off to one of us by
*5 PM on Friday*. We say this because we absolutely need them by that time
so we can drop them off to the pantry. As usual, call/text/carrier pigeon
one of us to drop them off or if an emergency, if you need one of us to come
meet you somewhere to pick them up. We'll work with you, preferably if its
sooner rather than an hour before the deadline though.

3) We have an awesome service opportunity up on the site. There is a *Poverty
Simulation* going on tomorrow night (Monday, 4/25) at 6 PM to 9 PM in Baker
ballroom A. Here's the link to the website for all the info:

This is a great chance to experience what life is like when you live below
the poverty level. We're offering service hours for it, *BUT, *theres a
catch.* * The simulation is only open to the *first 70 people*, first come,
first serve, so please get to the ballroom early. Sign up on the website,
and make a sign in for this at the event as well. You need to attend the
entire simulation (aka be one of the lucky 70 people) to get your hours.

4) We extended the deadline for the OU Basket/Silent Action to this
Wednesday (4/27). Sign ups are on the website, and you can contact/drop off
your items to Lauren McGrath.

5) If you signed up to donate to Undergarments for the Underprivileged for
this week, your donations are due to Kayli Stevens or one of us service
girls by *early Friday 4/29.* Also, please make sure you write your name
somewhere in the bag so we know who donated what.

That's about it. Sorry, this is somewhat long but thats what happens when we
don't have chapter.

OH. The answer to last week's movie quote was.....drumroll....*Tommy
Boy.*We will announce the first 3 people who got back to us correctly
at chapter
on Sunday and you can come on down a la the Price is Right to claim your
treat. =]

And now... the treat for this email. The first 3 people to email us back
with the name of the movie that this quote comes from win. No cheating!

*"**Kids, at age 12, I weighed 319 pounds. I had bad skin, low self-esteem,
and no self-respect. Now, I eat success for breakfast, with skim milk. "*
P.S It's one of our favorite movies!
Questions? Concerns? Jokes? Let us know!
The Service Girls.

Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Sarah Csongei

Stephanie Bricklebank

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