[Aphio-L] Last Call for Jersey Money!

Fellowship Chairs fellowship.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 23:01:22 EDT 2011

Hey everyone!

Again, sorry for all of the annoyingness but if you weren't at chapter (or
even if you were) your last chance to pay for you jersey is tomorrow
(Monday, April 18th)! I (Kelsie Shortridge) will be sitting in front room
from 12-1pm collecting your moneys! If more people do not pay, we will not
be able to order the jerseys! We asked you only to sign up if you really
wanted to get a jersey so *please* come pay tomorrow afternoon!

Please and Thank you!!

*Kelsie Shortridge*
ks368509 at gmail.com

*Liza Lieberman*
ll311408 at ohio.edu

*VP's of Fellowship*
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