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Hey guysss -

Anna and I were going to talk at chapter tonight but we didn't want everyone to be there longer than we already were so please read this :)

The recycled paint project that Anna and I talked about at prerush is for sure a go! If you weren't there or don't remember, here's the info:

Since the theme for this year's service week is "making communities greener," I contacted a bunch of children's hopsitals to see if we would be allowed to paint drop ceiling tiles so that instead of the kids looking at white walls and a white ceiling all day, they could have cute little pictures of sunshines, hearts, inspirational quotes, etc to look at instead! The only hospital that's allowing us to do this is Aultman Hospital in Canton, Oh. They have a children's ward there and the lady told me that she can give us the ceiling tiles to paint. We want to use old paint that people have laying around so we can recycle it (going green, get it?) instead of having it sit around.

Soooooo, we need your help to get paint! I know my parents have some that's just sitting in our basement (since we can't throw paint away) and I'm sure some of your families/friends might too! We're also going to be doing flyering to help get the word out to other students and the community. I'm an education major and I know there are other people who volunteer at the schools as well, so if the schools give us permission we were also thinking about hanging up flyers there.

The only frustrating thing is that the lady is waiting to here back from someone else on exactly how many tiles we're going to have to paint. I keep contacting her but she's kind of put us on the back burner for now. She told me the project is a for sure go though so I'm hoping she will get in touch with me soon!

But anyways, sorry for the novel, we just wanted to let people know that this is a for sure project for service week so we want people to be on the lookout for paint! (fun colors, btw - painting tiles white and beige would kind of defeat the purpose of this project)

AND ANYONE WHO IS ON SERVICE WEEK COMMITTEE PLEASE EMAIL THE SERVICE WEEK ACCOUNT WITH YOUR NAME AND EMAIL @ serviceweek.aphio at gmail.com<mailto:serviceweek.aphio at gmail.com>

I don't think we have everyone's correct information.


Dani & Anna
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