[Aphio-L] Chapter Minutes September 19, 2010: "My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me." - Henry Ford// Bring out the best in people, brothers!

APhiO Secretary aphiosecretary at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 23:53:25 EDT 2010

Ohio University

Alpha Phi Omega

Chapter: Delta Gamma

Room: Morton 201

Date: September 19, 2010

Time: 8 pm



   - *Relay for Life elections candidates:*
      - Stephanie Bricklebank
      - Eric Horton
      - Gracie LeVally
      - Meredith Woods
      - Patrick Van Horn
   - Speaker Maxx and Zach from KegFLY.com
      - Login through Facebook
      - Every deal is >50%
      - Deals for specifically Athens businesses
   - *Congratulations to Eric Horton, Meredith Woods, and Patrick Van Horn
   new Relay for Life chairs!
   - *Congratulations to new Pledge Exec board!*
   - *Liz from the Disaster and Animal Response Team:*
      - Aid for pets – no shelter was available for them after tornado
      - Donation drive: basic supplies to 70 ½ Mound St.
         - Paper towels
         - Bottled water
         - Cat and dog food
         - Cloth towels
         - Collars
      - *Service:*
      - Tornado damage in Athens: September 16, 2010
         - *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3EDJ8NvQbU&feature=related*<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3EDJ8NvQbU&feature=related>
      - Thanks to everyone who has already helped out the community over the
      past few days!
      - Any ideas?
         - Spaghetti Dinner (Nicole G. has contact if idea is pursued)
         - Food Donations
         - Clothing Donations --All donations can be taken to 3rd
floor  Involvement
            - Evening volunteering at the Plains
            - Chinese Raffle @ Spaghetti Diner
            - Any ideas!? Email service.aphio at gmail.com
         - *Cardboard City 2010*
         - Form a team and sign up!!
            - Make donations!
            - *WOUB Pledge Drive*
         - October 4th – October 8th
            - 210 available spots for volunteering in hour time slots
            - Try to sign up early!
         - *5k Run for Empower*
         - October 9, 2010
            - 1 service hour for registering
            - 1 service hour for running/walking the 5k
            - Search APHIO team on Empower website
         - *Fellowship:*
      - Fellowship of the Week
            - *Browling!*
            - *Monday night from 7-9 pm*
            - *Rollerbowl Lanes (at end of Palmer St.)*
            - 1 game = $4.25; Shoes = $2.50; bowling with bros = priceless
         - Go flying eaglers!
            - Broomball Monday Nights at Midnight  - sign up on
            imleagues.com; but *not  *this Monday.
            - Homecoming!
            - Float building: 77 N. High St. locale throughout the day: Oct
            11, 12, and 13
            - *Add “Buddy the Elf” to your facebook friends
            - Half-zippy sweatshirt with letters, "homecoming", and OU for
            homecoming; price ~$17
         - *Ombudsmen*:
      - talktoombudsman.aphio at gmail.com
            - password: athensaphio
               - to send anonymous concerns to ombudsmen.aphio at gmail.com
               - Delete sent messages
            - Friendly reminder to talk before or after chapter to bros, not
            - Please read the emails sent over listserv… there are a lot but
            many are very important!
         - *Membership*:
      - Gifts for littles to 77 N. High on Wednesday at 5 pm
            - Big/Little Surveys – will be sending out tonight- Respond,
            respond, respond!
            - 106 Pledges this quarter
            - *This Thursday: Initiation @ 7 pm Walter 135 and Walter 146*
               - *Be there 6:45 pm – Email jboard if you can’t go*
               - *Formal dress: wear pins and business casual (actives);
               more formal (pledges)
            - Please don’t divulge what’s to come, it’s a surprise!
            Everything is mandatory!
            - Email!!!  ouaphiomembership at gmail.com
         - Secretary:
            - Calendars passed out – if you didn’t get one – visit Jill @
            next chapter
         - Announcements
         - Supportive Bro
         - Adjourn


Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity

(740) 517-0606
aphiosecretary at gmail.com
jc262306 at ohio.edu

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APO Service Map<http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=101225801473282373631.000484a3f599db8aeff2b&z=12>
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