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Yo BROS!!!!!!!

IF you said yes or maybe for littles, PLEASE fill out the attached  
questionnaire and send it back by no later than tuesday morning.


IF you do not remember what you signed up for, do one anyway. If we have  
you marked down as no, we will disregard your survey.

IF you now would like a little, please fill out the survey AND say that you  
want a little now (which is highly encouraged, btw!)

IF you cannot remember when initiation is, it's this thursday, 7pm sharp  
(be there early actually, so 645 pm SHARP) room 146 for actives, Walter  

IF you are requesting a little, this is fine, BUT remember we want these  
pledges to get to know new people, and it could be beneficial for them to  
have a big they don't know.

IF you think every sentence should start with if, we are now bffs.

<3 Leega and Jip
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