[Aphio-L] Rush! :)

Aphio Rush rushaphio1 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 21:41:37 EDT 2010

Hey everyone,
Thank you SO much to everyone who came to rush tonight, everyone who spoke,
and everyone who did anything to help me out.  For our first fall rush, I
think it went awesome, and we have over 60 people who signed up for
interviews, so I'm excited for more at Informal on Wednesday!

If you accidentally kept your name tag, *please* keep it and bring it to
chapter on Sunday.  This goes for anyone coming to Wednesday Rush too,
although its more of a reminder *not* to keep your name tag---please make
sure to return it afterwards.

Thank you guys!!
Sarah Clouse


Alpha Phi Omega
Rush and Recruitment Chair
rushaphio1 at gmail.com
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