[Aphio-L] New Orleans Details

Gaby Swisher gs299707 at ohio.edu
Mon Sep 13 15:02:23 EDT 2010

   Hey BROS!
         Following is some detailed information on the December trip to 

       Ohio University's chapter of Aphio has been involved with Saint 
Bernard Project since I before I pledged as a freshman (so, so long ago). 
Every year we send volunteers to help rebuild houses for families that 
cannot afford to do so, so they can return home.  Saint Bernard Project is 
a non-profit organization that was started after Hurricane Katrina, and has 
won contests such as the Pepsi Refresh Contest and CNN's Hero of the Year.

    The trip will be from December 5th-11th.  We will be staying at Camp 
Hope, a volunteer hostel that costs $25/day INCLUDING 3 meals a day.  That 
is not to say that we do not go out to eat once or twice, or go out and 
enjoy the New Orleans culture some nights.  Generally we carpool down to 
NOLA using family vans or cars that are decent on gas; it usually costs 
about $55 per person round trip.  Generally I tell people to plan on 
spending around $300.

   Here are some videos about New Orleans, and how the area is still 


What our fabulous volunteer experience will look like:

Shoot me an email if you're interested- no commitment is needed yet.



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