[Aphio-L] Coms 101 video (sorry if you're sick of these..but one is really funny)

Sariya Winters sariya0890 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 10:20:45 EDT 2010

*Hey broski's,*
***I said I wouldn't do this....and....I know you're all probably sick of
being harassed to watch these BUT...
*I'm a TA for Coms 101 and my students made some really great YouTube videos
for their class. The group with the most views gets an automatic 100% on
their final exam (wouldn't you want someone to help you achieve this too?!)*
*PLEASE..if you could, watch these two videos to help my groups out! They're
approximately 2 minutes a piece. If you want, just click on it, mute it, and
let it play while you do something else.*
*Group 1's video topic was "5 Things to do at Ohio University".

*Group 2's video topic was "How to Avoid Looking Like a Freshman" <---really

* Total views will be counted on Nov.8th, so you have until then to watch!
We would all really appreciate it :) Thanks!*
*Sariya Winters*
*Ohio University*
*Scripps College of Communication*
*sariya0890 at gmail.com*
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