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Tue Nov 2 15:28:16 EDT 2010

Hi all!!

Some FUNdraising events have been posted on the webpage for next week.  We
know that FUNdraising is amazing, but if you already have your FUNdraising
hour, don't be greedy and sign up for three shifts during the week, and try
not to sign up for more than one spot anyway, since other people still need
their mandatory hour, and they can't really get it if people who already
have their hour are taking up all of the spots...

If you can't do an event this week, we're also going to really try to get
tables for finals week to do a bake sale or something of the like, so before
you guys ask, we are *planning* on having additional opportunities, but that
doesn't mean you should wait until the very last minute.

Finally, if you do wait until the very last minute and miss the last
FUNdraising event, we will also allow you to buy your FUNdraising hour for
some (as of now) undetermined amount of money to avoid deactivation, but I
guarantee you will not like the price...so try to get that hour done!!

Happy sign-upping!!
The FUNdraising Girls
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