[Aphio-L] Litterbug donation drop-off

Kathleen Haney kh369806 at ohio.edu
Tue Nov 2 09:35:39 EDT 2010

Hey Bros,
For those of you who have litterbug donations, please drop them off at *33
1/2 N. Court St. Apt. F.** *before Wednesday night if possible. My roommate,
Emily Edgar, will try to make ourselves as available as possible, but if you
can't come during these times, just text us and we will figure something
out!  Emily's number is (330) 260-2964 and mine is (330) 697-8014.
Emily*:*Tuesday*:* now-noon,
          Wednesday: noon-4pm*, *6pm-*
Katie*:* Tuesday*: *anytime after 7pm-
          Wednesday: 1pm-4pm, 7pm-
Thanks so much!

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