[Aphio-L] Chapter Minutes 10/31: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And Today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present." ~Babatunde Olatunji

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A lot of important info this week!  Little goodie at the end to encourage
you to read the minutes *hint hint* =)
LFS, Jill


Ohio University
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma
Morton 201
October 31, 2010
8:00 pm

------------------------------------- Chapter

   - Welcome!:
   - President: hopkins.laurac at gmail.com
      - Membership certificates for pledge classes (‘09, ‘10) at front of
      Mrtn 201
      - Affirmation form will be going around during chapter
   - Ombudsmen: ombudsmen.aphio at gmail.com
      - Apology about number of emails!
      - Anonymous account information - many people are utilizing it! Keep
      it up!
         - All concerns are being addressed at execs
         - If you want a direct response - give JD and Angela your name!
         - Utilize account username:
talktoombudsman.aphio at gmail.com<talktoombudsman at gmail.com>;
         PW: athensaphio - [be sure to delete emails and empty trash before
         logging out] to email ombudsmen account (as listed above!)
      - Service: service.aphio at gmail.com (Kris: 440.476.2005; Gaby:
      - Must get your mandatory 2 service week hours this week! (minimum
      service week service hrs =2 hrs; maximum = 4 hrs)
      - Disaster distribution center:
         - Wednesday 11/3 from 5:30 - 8:30 pm
         - Friday 11/5 from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
         - Volunteers needed to help with moving donated items to the new
         Disaster Distribution Center located in Athens
      - Logan Food bank:
         - Saturday 11/6 from 8:30 - 2 pm
         - Need help packing 4000 fresh food commodity boxes
         - food boxes support Appalachian elderly in an eleven-county region
         - Meet @ 8:30 at Baker Center - they will arrive at the food bank
         at 9 am
      - UCM NOLA Benefit Auction
         - Saturday 11/6 from noon - 10 pm
         - Set up, run the event, provide childcare, and help clean up
         - 2 hr shifts
      - Hoops for Hope: 5 v 5 basketball tournament benefiting tornado
         - Friday 11/5 and Saturday 11/6: $20 registration fee per team
         - Minimum of 5 players
      - Run for Cover: 5k for Habitat for Humanity:
         - Sunday November 7 @ noon -> register @ 11 am
            - 1 hr for registering
            - 1 hr for running
         - Need SIGN-INS!  -Email them, physically give them to Kris or
      Gaby, or text them!
      - Our faculty advisor: Dr. Julie Suhr
         - Will definitely be performing in faculty pageant!
            - Choose via $$$ in cups whether she will dance like Napoleon
            Dynamite or sing the “Mom Song”
            - All donations will go to St. Jude’s
         - Also she is going to talk to band director about having a little
         pep band music for the flag football tournament
      - Service Week: serviceweek.aphio at gmail.com (Anna: 330.524.1887; Dani:
      - Service week is this week!  Get pumped!
      - Kickoff event! No Impact Man on Monday night from 7-9 (worth
      fellowship hour!)
      - questions or concerns? Email, call address/numbers above!
   - Youth Service: aphioyouthservice at gmail.com (Alyssa: 440.478.2884; Nate:
      - Coat drive and box tops (10/hr) collection still going on!
         - Please drop off at front of Morton 201 and coat drive includes
         hats, gloves, and scarves too!
         - BBBS Halloween party great success (had “too” many volunteers!)
      - RUSH:
      - Thanks to everyone who attended Pre-Rush!
      - Interview commitee:
         - Due to concern over potential for subjectivity in choosing
         interview committee - will now be anonymous process done
through ombudsmen -
         if interested email Ombudsmen a paragraph of why you would be
proficient @
         interview committee (total of 8 members) = all committee
hours for Winter
         quarter (completed within first 2 weeks of quarter)
      - Membership: ouaphiomembership at gmail.com (Leigha: 614.507.7959; JP:
      - Pie Leigha in the face + donation = helping out with Pledge Service
      Project to support Tornado Relief in Athens!
      - Thanksgiving dinner is this Thursday! @ United Methodist Church @
      6:30 pm
         - Reminder: Family heads and Membership committee show up @ 6:00 pm
         (family heads bring dishes)
         - Family heads organize when/how your family will prepare the dish:
            - Dishes:
            - Family 1: Vegan Dish
            - Family 2: Stuffing (half must be vegetarian!!!)
            - Family 3: Green beans and Cranberry Sauce
            - Family 4: Macaroni and Cheese (homemade kind!)
            - Family 5: Juice, Pop, and Milk
            - Family 6: Mashed potatoes and Gravy
            - Family 7: Rolls, butter, utensils (forks, knifes, spoons)
            - Family 8: Salad, dressing, cups
            - Family 9: Turkeys (4)
            - Family 10: Dessert (pies, cookies, etc.)
         - Please sign up for the flag football tournament!
         - Pledges - sign ups for day-of opportunities on website - you
         cannot just “attend” to receive hours - you will have to be
actively helping
         out, etc.!
      - Pledge social next Saturday after the Pledge Flag Football Project!
      ~ 7 pm @ South Pole: DJ Nate will be spinnin’ sweet tracks!
Email him your
      - History night is this upcoming Sunday! @ 7 pm in Morton 201
         - Reminders:
            - Actives: do not bring laptops, play with cellphones, do
            homework during the ceremony etc. - go straight to Morton
201 (casual
            - Pledges: look for email about go-to location: NOT Morton 201
            (business casual)
            - Email J-Board by tonight if you cannot attend
         - Activation is November 14th @ 6pm in Morton 201
      - Chapter follows both Activation and History Night!
      - Active sigs that pledges need!
         - Hannah Jansurak, Nicole Germano, Andrea Huist, Leann Dosch,
         Theresa White, Britney Gedeon, Danielle Carlson, Katie Haney,
JD Bales, Jen
         Lin, Amanda Puckett, Rachel Denbow, Ali Jones, Renee
Schulteis, Ali Gutin,
         Christina Kloha, Claire Guzik
      - Next quarter binders: either 1)Keep same pic, 2)email picture to
      Membership account or 3)Come to take new picture during chapter
   - Fellowship: ouaphiofellowship at gmail.com (Jayna: 216.956.8649; Monica:
      - Fellowship of the Week: watching No Impact Man in honor of service
      week - sign up on website!!  Walter 135 from 7-9
      - Tuesday: Skating with your bros! @ Bird Arena from 7:30 - 9: free to
      get in with student IDs, $3 to rent skates
      - Informal survey: for Winter Qtr Formal: Overnight or not? Dinner or
         - Sign-ups to attend formal will be by pledge class starting with
         oldest pledge class (‘08), then ‘09, etc.
      - Need sign-ins!
   - Interchapter Relations: interchapterrelations.aphio at gmail.com
      - Sign up by November 8th for Nationals!!
      - Nationals Fundraising with Hot dogs/S’mores sale! Sign up!
      - T-shirts
      - Blue Jackets Game with OSU APO chapter!
         - Friday November 12 @ 7 pm
            - Meet up with our OSU bros for a Blue Jackets and a night out
            in Columbus!
            - Tickets are $25 - if we get 25 of us, we will get a t-shirt,
            food voucher (hot dog, popcorn, soda) and tickets to game
         - Still doing pop tab wars!
   - Awards:  (Noelle 440.376.7129)
      - Happy Birthday to Sarah Csongei!

   - Happy Can
      - Supportive Bro to Angela, Jackie W., and Katie D. for organizing

   - Announcements
      - Vote Tuesday!! It’s free...
      - Sign up for Thanksgiving dinner -> not worth a fellowship hour but
      need accurate count so we make enough food!
      - New Orleans trip still open - Email Gaby Swisher!
      - Go to Nationals!
   - Adjourn
   - Toast Song

first 3 people to answer quiz get a prize =)
1)Name one of the special service options for this upcoming week!
2)What is your family preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner?  + 1 thing you
are thankful for....
3)When and where could I skate with my bros?
4)What is the theme for SERVICE WEEK 2010 and what are YOU doing for service
week service?!
Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity

(740) 517-0606
aphiosecretary at gmail.com
jc262306 at ohio.edu

*Click on link to view our service map: APO Service

*To email Ombudsmen anonymously:*

Login to: *talktoombudsman.aphio at gmail.com*

Password: athensaphio

*To sign up for intramurals: www.imleagues.com
*Alpha Phi Omega Exec Emails:*

ouaphiofellowship at gmail.com
fundraising.aphio at gmail.com
historian.aphio at gmail.com
*Interchapter Relations:*
Interchapterrelations.aphio at gmail.com
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ouaphiomembership at gmail.com
ombudsmen.aphio at gmail.com
hopkins.laurac at gmail.com
rushaphio1 at gmail.com
aphiosecretary at gmail.com
service.aphio at gmail.com
*Service Week:*
serviceweek.aphio at gmail.com
aphiotreasurer at gmail.com
*Youth Service:*
aphioyouthservice at gmail.com
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