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Mon Nov 1 12:52:07 EDT 2010

Hey guys,
   The following is a list of the sign ins that are currently missing in
action.  If you attended one of these events, it is your responsibility to
get together with the people that also signed up and make a sign in.  You
can email, text, or turn in a paper sign in to either Kris or myself.  We
need these by the end of the quarter, or people will be docked.  We don't
want to see that happen!

-Energy Day Volunteers 9/29
-ATCO UNO 10/19
-ATCO League Helpers 10/27
-Habitat Tabling 10/28
-Last Chance Corral 10/29

   *Additionally, there is a cap of 4 hours per quarter that can be
accumulated from donations. *Please check to make sure you aren't counting
on too many donation hours to count towards your quarterly 12.  Kris and I
cannot check throughout the quarter, but *everyone's* will be counted at the
end.  Please let us know if you have ANY questions what-so-ever.

Happy Service Week! Remember to vote!


Gaby Swisher

Kris Bader

Alpha Phi Omega Service Chairs

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