[Aphio-L] 90's night on the green=mooore fellowship!

Ruscher, Monica mr254007 at ohio.edu
Wed May 26 13:44:59 EDT 2010

Hey brothers!

I know Jayna just sent out an e-mail about fellowship of the week, but we're offering 2 tonight! Since everyone loves Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell we thought it would be fun to get a big aphio group togher! I will be there most of the night so you are all more then welcome to sit with me. Please make sure that if you come their are at least 4 other aphio bros with you/watching shows with you. Sign up on the WEBSITE!

Lovin' the 90's,
Monica & Jayna

P.S. More then 80 of you need a fellowship hour and the only thing we are doing next week is study tables at the library so I hope everyone gets their hour. I don't want to lose any brothers!
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