[Aphio-L] Chapter Minutes May 23, 2010: "Never, never, never give up." - Winston Churchill - Good luck with week 9! in LFS, Jill

APhiO Secretary aphiosecretary at gmail.com
Mon May 24 13:11:21 EDT 2010

Ohio University

Alpha Phi Omega

Chapter – Delta Gamma

May 23, 2010

Morton 201


   - Welcome!

*Blood Drive:***

   - In Memorial Blood Drive - goal of 100 donors!
   - 2-8 pm: Wednesday @ Ping Center
   - Sign up to donate and receive 1 service hour


   - Video presentation
   - Thank You’s
   - Miss Relay Eric Horton!  “Sola from Sweden”  ooh-la-la….
   - Relays Little Helpers: Jax Garry and John Lefebvre
   - Night Owl: Nate Freeman
   - Last Person to Sign up on the Website: Monica Ruscher
   - Relay Total  $48,000
      - *APO - $15,696.35*
   - Lowell Berg: Top Earner!  $815.00


   - Only allowed to miss *3 mandatory events*
      - This includes chapter, activation, relay
   - Deadlines were set up for letting us know about Relay
   - At every chapter, information was given for getting in contact with
   Becky, Adjin, and Susan and how to make up hours
   - These contacts were in the wonderful minutes that are sent out
   - Attendance and conduct at chapter:
      - Be respectful
      - J-Board realizes that some people may have conflicts with other
   - *Stroud’s Attendance - email J-board by Monday*
   - jboard.aphio at gmail.com

*J-board Elections Tonight:*


   - Britney Buynak**
   - Jax Garry**
   - Mike Gerbus **
   - Renee Lewis**
   - Andrew Morris**
   - Mike Teplitzky


   - Just a little something Leigha wants to do…..
      - Video: “PhiOhhhhh is all the above”
   - Membership Clinic:* 64 bros came!!*
      - Give the bro next to you the Tity Tap/Chest Bump/bear hug!
   - Get your pics taken for pledge binders!!


   - Athens County Children Services Board
      - People struggle for food over summer months
      - Distributing to Trimble
         - Jars of peanut butter and jelly (1 jar *each* = 1 service hour)


   - Thanks for coming to Pre-Rush!
   - Pick up rush shirts


   - Soccer MVPs: The Flying Eaglers are 5-1!
   - Fellowship of the Week:
   - Slice Night at Courtside
      - Wednesday: 6-9 pm
      - $1 pizza
      - Pick up tie-dye shirts

*Interchapter Relations - NATIONALS:*

   - December 27 – 30 2010 in At(Hot)lanta
   - What are nationals?
      - A chance for you to meet some new bros, bond with the bros in your
      chapter, develop great leadership and life skills, help with 15 service
      projects, and explore the city of Atlanta, GA, all in four days!
   - What do you do at Nationals?
      - Workshops; participate in service projects; build fellowship (dance,
      awards banquet)
      - How to build a resume, swing dance, talk like you are from Boston,
      learn to be a big
      - Questions, comments, ideas to Britney!
      - Interchapterrelations.aphio at gmail.com
      - Service Auction next Monday (May 31 - final chapter/senior send-off)
      at 7:30 pm


   - Top families: Family 9!
   - But per capita is Family 3!
   - Top Bro: Nate Freeman!
   - *Service up for finals week even though no chapter*
      - Got swabbed?
         - This Tuesday 10 am – 6 pm
         - Bakers Honors Collegium
         - 1 Service Hour for Getting Swabbed
         - World record-breaking drive last year!
      - Atco Movie Night: June 1 - 6- 8:30 pm

   - Awards: Senior Superlatives - turn them in to Noelle from 8 - 9 pm
   TODAY @ the Frontroom
   - *Seniors*:

Kelley Ammons

Justin Abshear

Lauren Best

Erica Blocher

Jesse Branner

Sara Brick

Beth Connolly

Katie Daar

 Jillian DeBrosse

  Ellen Eisbrenner

Abbey Fouss

Michelle Friszman

Patty Guzowski

 Brittney Jacks

Jennifer Kelly

 Chelsea Koss

Lauren Laneville

 Hannah Larrick

Angela Leek

Kayla Mamula

 Meghan Meyer

Kristin Milks

Jessica Mock

Brendan Moore

Erin Murphy

Lorelle Paulozzi

Jackie Prentis

Emma Schoen

Nicole Schwab

Anna Tabor

Christy Watts

Marie Wells

Chelsea Wonski

Amber Wozniak

Congratulations to new J-Board exec Andrew Morris!

Happy Birthday to Helaina!

Supportive Bro



First person to answer these 4 questions correctly, wins a chocolate bar!

 When/where is the memorial blood drive this week?

What is an awesome way to show brotherly love (in public)?

When are nationals?

Is there service during finals week?

Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity

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jc262306 at ohio.edu

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