[Aphio-L] Got Swabbed? 2010

Morris, Andrew am311606 at ohio.edu
Sat May 22 18:29:26 EDT 2010

 Hey bros,

Hope everyone had fun at Relay.  Good job Reba, Adjin, and Sus!

For those of you who were here last year, you might remember "Got Swabbed?" -- the world record-setting bone marrow testing drive we put on last February.  If you are a Freshman this year or you don't remember, a bone marrow testing drive is a drive in which a simple cheek swab will place you in a national registry to donate bone marrow should you be a match fro a person suffering from leukemia.  Don't worry, donating bone marrow is NOT painful like you may have heard.  The majority of the time, stem cells are taken from your bloodstream and it is not invasive at all.  Besides, all it takes is a simple cheek swab and you're done.

We are having another drive on May 25th, but we'd like to swab at chapter/pre-rush on Sunday.  Sooooooo I need volunteers on Sunday!  You'll get to stand behind the table and explain the swabbing process to people.  If you helped out last year, you know what I'm talking about.  If not, we'll walk you through it. So easy.  If you'd like to help tomorrow, please text or call me at (330) 246-0516.

Thanks bros, come out to pre-rush tomorrow and Get Swabbed!


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