[Aphio-L] IMPORTANT: Reminder about FUNdraising

FUNdraising Girls fundraising.aphio at gmail.com
Tue May 18 09:40:17 EDT 2010

Hello to all of our lovely Bros!!

It's week 8, and if you haven't gotten your FUNdraising hour yet, you should
probs get on that.  Don't forget a FUNdraising hour is one of your mandatory
12, so if you don't get that hour (regardless of whether or not you've done
12 other hours) you will be *deactivated *(this is serious stuff...there is
a spreadsheet going, it's quite official).  Also, a few people have asked,
and we'd like to make this clear:  if you have done a puppy chow sale, a
bake sale, or any kind of fundraiser for *Relay for Life*, those are counted
*service hours*, *NOT* *FUNdraising hours*.  If you're not sure if the hour
you completed was FUNdraising or not, e-mail us, call us, facebook us, send
us a pigeon with a letter tied to its leg, or whatever, and we'll let you
know if the hour you did was a FUNdraising hour (or you can check the
website, under the event title it says "you will receive: 1 fundraising
event if the event was indeed a FUNdraising event).

If you have any questions or comments or anything of the sort don't hesitate
to contact us :)
-The FUNdraising Girls
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