[Aphio-L] donations/poptabs for RMHC

Swackhamer, Kelli ks108306 at ohio.edu
Tue May 11 12:54:57 EDT 2010

Hey everyone-

Thanks to those who have signed up for donations for the Ronald McDonald House meal on Sunday!! So far, we've got almost everything we need except for MEAT! I need thinly sliced deli meat- both ham and turkey (2 pounds per service hour). So please please PLEASE sign up!! When signing up, double check to make sure that people haven't already signed up for enough of the item that we need. That way we don't get too much of one thing.

If you have donations, I will be collecting them in the front room from 10:10am to 1:10pm this Friday, May 14th. If you can't find me, call me: 614.560.1607. If this time doesn't work for you, call/text me and we can figure something out. 

Also, this would be a good time to drop off POPTABS!!! Thanks to everyone who has already brought me bags and bags full- you guys are awesome :)

Happy Tuesday!

-Kelli Swackhamer

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