[Aphio-L] Want your face to be remembered in APO history?

White, Theresa tw204706 at ohio.edu
Mon May 10 20:20:31 EDT 2010

Hey guys!

I'm Theresa White, and I am on the historian committee this quarter.

We are going to start working on the new poster board for A Phi O for this year and we want to have a bunch of fun updated pictures with members that are still actives. (these could also be used in the scrap book, video, or other wonderful things!)

I thought instead of stalking all of your facebook's I'd first give you a chance to send me your favorite SENSIBLE APO pictures. (The ones you want everyone to see... but that you also are behaving in)

It would be wonderful to get some with examples of fellowship/friendship, leadership, and service. Remember these are pictures to recruit new members You can just send them through my email or through a message to me on facebook whatever is easiest for you.

(And while you go look for them it would be a wonderful time to make corrections on the naming on your albums like we talked about at chapter on Sunday! so you can get two things done at once.)

Thanks for your help guys! PLEASE take the 5 minutes to do this it will make all the difference!

We really want this to be a great board so the more pictures you send the better it will be!

Theresa White

Please text if you have any questions (440)382-2646
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