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Aphio Rush rushaphio1 at gmail.com
Wed May 5 18:21:22 EDT 2010

Hey guys,
Only 24 people, out of the 116 people who gave me their sizes, have come and
paid for their rush t-shirts.  A reminder, money MUST be pre-paid for
shirts, or you will not be getting one.  And let's be honest, they're pretty
sweet shirts, I'd be sad if I didn't get one because I forgot to pay in
time.  In case you forget what they look like, here's a reminder:


Cool, right?  Here are the times we will be in the Frontroom the next two
days where you can pay your $12 (we added an extra hour tomorrow):

11am-12pm (Sarah 7245047729)
12pm-1pm (Nikki 7407074930)
1pm-2pm (Megan 4403719034)

11am-12pm (Jackie 5134034308)
12pm-1:30pm (Sarah 7245047729)

If you can't make any of these times, PLEASE get ahold of me, and I'd be
more than happy to figure out a good time to meet up!

Sarah Clouse

Alpha Phi Omega
Rush and Recruitment Chair
rushaphio1 at gmail.com
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