[Aphio-L] $$Rush T-Shirt $$!!

Clouse, Sarah sc229207 at ohio.edu
Mon May 3 13:11:34 EDT 2010

---sorry if you end up getting this message twice---

Hey bros,
So, unfortunately, the new rush t-shirts will not be in in time for the pre-rush info meeting (MAY 23RD, 7PM, GET EXCITED!!!!), BUT I'm going to try to order them as soon as possible.  I'll most likely be handing them out at pre-rush, and the chapter following it (incentive to come to pre-rush?!)  This means I need everyone's money as soon as possible.
SO, here are the following times someone on rush committee will be available in the FRONTROOM to collect money (if you can't find us, call the person who is there!):

4pm-5pm (Sarah 7245047729)

11am-12pm (Sarah 7245047729)
4-pm-5pm (Nikki 7407074930)

4pm-5pm (Becca 5134038638)
5pm-6pm (Betsy 5135036256)

12pm-1pm (Sarah 7245047729)
1pm-2pm (Megan 4403719034)

11am-12pm (Jackie 5134034308)
12pm-1:30pm (Sarah 7245047729)

The shirts are $12!  If you do not pay before SATURDAY, you will NOT be getting a shirt.  :(  If none of these times work for you, PLEASE get in contact with me, and we can figure out a different time.  If at all possible, please try to bring exact change; that's a lot of change for me to be carrying around if I have to give $8 back to everyone.

Thanks guys!
Sarah Clouse

APhiO Rush Chair
rushaphio1 at gmail.com

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