[Aphio-L] Lets get it started...RELAY!!!!!

Aphio Relay aphiorelay4life at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 18:41:10 EST 2010

Hey everyone!

woohoo no more emails about signatures!!!

The OU relay committee is asking for OUR help!
They are asking that we donate markers, scissors, glue, glitter and
construction paper to help with the relay memory boards.
We talked to the service chairs, and decided that if you donate 2 of these
items, you will receive 1 hour, however, 1 hour is the maximum
you can receive from donating.

i.e. 1 pair of scissors and a pack of markers = 1 hour
      1 bottle of glue and a pack of construction paper = 1 hour
      2 bottles of glue= 1 hour

get it???? if not... let us know.

We are decorating the memory boards on April 5, so we want everything by
april 4 AT THE LATEST!
So please try and collect some of this stuff over break and help out relay!!
e-mail us back and let us know if you plan to donate, we can really use the

thanks everyone!!


*Adjin Clevenger!
*Becky Voress*
(419)733-9971 -----> call this number for a good time!
*Susan Breitenbach*
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