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Hey All!

As mentioned at Chapter we are writing letters to absolutely incredible kids. If you would like to do this for a service hour, you must write 5 letters, stamped, addressed with a return address(including your name so we can give you credit. You can write up to 10 letters for 2 service hours.

Our house address is 10 B Elliot or I will be at the Frontroom Wednesday night from 8:30-10pm to collect letter. I will also be at the Frontroom Friday from 2-4 to collect the letters.

Also, RUNNING CLUB- if you are interested in doing running club next quarter we would like you to tell us which day (Monday, Wednesday or Friday) you would like to go because we are going to make this a quarter long commitment which means you must go EVERY SINGLE week on the day you commit to.

If you have any questions email at aphioyouthservice at gmail.com<mailto:aphioyouthservice at gmail.com> or call me at 614-563-2838

Anna Schottenstein

Anna Schottenstein
Ohio University Womens Chorale, President
Ohio University College of Education Student Ambassador
Ohio University Alpha Phi Omega, Youth Service Chair
Ohio University Hillel, Executive Board
Ohio University Club Lacrosse, Philanthropy Chair
Ohio University American Red Cross, President
Ohio University College of Education, Integrated Social Studies

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