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Mon Mar 8 08:01:39 EST 2010

 Hey Pledges!

Monday: I'll be in the front room from 3-5 with a sign.

Tuesday: I work in the business center at ping from about 2:15 to 5. That office is on the first floor. Take the hallway to the right and it's the last office on the left.

Wednesday: I work at my church from about 4:10 to 8:30pm. It is the Lutheran church on Mill Street just at the base of the hill. Many get confused about the set up of the church, but if you come to the back side (parking lot side) there is a double door. Come in and go left...you'll hear the noise.
We are having an Irish-themed fundraiser dinner that night, so if it's not easy to find me, just ask. Everyone is very friendly! Also, that night is a Lenten service that the student choir I'm in will be singing at,  so I'll be upstairs from about 7 to 7:30 or so...possibly a few minutes longer. Feel free to come up if you like. All are welcome!

If none of those times work for you, just text me (please only call if needed, I have very limited minutes before 9pm). I'll do everything I can to meet up with you!

Carrie Newton
(740) 707-5541
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